I Want to Start Writing

Well, good for you! Anyone can start writing which is great! But the first thing you should ask yourself is: What should I write? 

There are different genres of writing: Fiction, non-fiction, drama, poetry, etc.  What are you familiar with? Do you read a lot of books? Then you would probably be interested in writing fiction.  Do you watch a lot of movies and like to write dialogue? Then you’ll probably want to write drama.  Do you love reading the news and other things that aren’t fiction? Try non-fiction.

These are only a few genres and some of these branch out into sub-categories.  For example in fiction there are short stories, and novels.  Within short stories and novels there is science-fiction, fantasy, young adult, realistic, historical, etc. Genres even have their own sub-categories, which can be pretty specific.  If you’re curious here’s a short list of the different sub-genres in science fiction : Science Fiction Sub-genre List.  That came from searching Google.

Usually fiction requires a great amount of research since you are creating a world right out of your head (except if you’re writing historical fiction then your research habits will be a bit different).  To get an idea of what this research entails, you can just watch a fantasy show or movie.  What kind of stuff does Game of Thrones have that you need to research? Weapons? What kind of weapons fit your character? How about armor? Are there different types of dragons? What about commerce? How does the people in my land interact–now this question goes into world building which goes into your research, but most of it is what you want your world to look like, how everything works, and so forth.

If you seem daunted by all of this work and suddenly your excitement dwindled into a pile of dust? That’s normal, but if you want to write, you’ll get through it.  World building and research are very, very important in making your world very realistic and tangible.  It’s actually very fun to me but that’s besides the point.

Where am I going to write this?

I’m assuming you’re talking about writing software.  I like to use Scrivener because I can organize my characters, my scenes, my chapters all in one spot.  It does cost some money but it is worth the investment.  Oh, and if you’re a student, you get a discount (yay students!).  Apparently J.K. Rowling uses Microsoft Word which I think is pretty impressive considering all the stuff that she had to keep up with for those books.


If you don’t have Microsoft World you can use a simple text editor like Notepad for PC users.  Text Edit for Mac users.  Or, if you think that handwriting is best, get your pens, get your papers and start writing without risking battery life.  I still use pen and paper sometimes especially when I’m playing with small ideas.  Also I love using pens when I write.

I think that all writers should have at least one notebook just in case something happens to the computer.  I keep a small notebook for that purpose and for taking with me when I go out.  Sometimes inspiration hits me in the least unexpected times.

Well, welcome to the start of great journey.  You’ll see a lot of this throughout the blog.  Most of this comes from my own experiences but I do read A LOT about writing considering that I’ve been writing for the majority of my life.

Write on!


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