About JJ Sabriel

IMG_0712I am a 22 year old student with worlds of her own.  Yes, I am a writer and whether I am successful or not really depends on whether I see myself as a writer or not. Even though I may be successful by my own terms I won’t deny that I find writing extremely difficult; some aspects of writing are harder than others and I am responsible for the productivity of my own work.

  Actually, I just sit down and say, “Here’s goes nothing” and hope for the best.  Really.

What do I write? Mostly science fiction and fantasy though I may dabble in realistic short stories from time to time.  I haven’t officially published anything, but I’m getting there every time I send in my work to be reviewed or edited. I participate in NaNoWriMo every single year (though I don’t win every single year).

I love bringing the joy of writing to other people whether it’s through writing or reading someone else’s writing, but if it’s writing related, I’m down for it.

If you want to contact me, look no further (well, maybe a little bit down):



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